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Dear expatriates: what to do with your cars ?


You own a classic or supercar and you are going to move abroad ? or maybe you alrealdy moved ?

The end of your expatriation is more than often unknown, that is the reason why you should anticipate the management of your cars / bikes.

In such cases, you have 2 options:

  • First of all, the disposal of your assets: if you decide to do so, you should contact experts(workshop; brokers) that you can find at Federation Francaise des Véhicules d’Epoque (FFVE). You also have the options of auction, either with experts (be careful fees can be as high as 10 to 20% of the transaction) or through auction on the web such as Interencheres.fr. Last but not least, you can go through ads on the web (lva-auto.fr, lesanciennes.com, collectionneur.net, novaweb.fr, motorlegend.com) or on newspapers (LVA, RetroPassion, Classic&Sport Car, Youngtimers, Retroviseur, Gazoline…). We can only advise you to add nice pictures of your car.

For the disposal, don’t forget that a technical check is required every 5 years for the historical cars.

  • Ifyou wish to keep your car in order to generate a profit, or just because you love it, you have the option of long-term car storage.
    Au Pré Des Chevaux is taking care of your car, providing you storage in a safe, quiet and heated place.
    You can also choose for additional services such as car wash, car cover, and even receive regular pictures of your car.
    This option allows you to leave knowing you car is in good hands.